Well-being Package

A day just for me

Stress - a disease of civilization, which is increasingly taking over our lives and the leading cause of absenteeism. Sometimes don't you feel that you’ve simply had enough of the whole hustle and bustle of everyday life, living the perpetual cycle required to look after your dear family, enough of the constant gibberish in your mobile, of days packed end-to-end with appointments, or having to be permanently “available”? Don’t you worry sometimes that you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders and you could fall into the famous “burnout” abyss?

Even taking time out for yourself is a luxury, which experts believe is one of the most important trends of the future! Look after yourself and take a break - one day just for you alone! Take a few hours and regenerate your body and soul!

You arrive around 10 am, either by public transport (bus stop right in front of our hotel) or have somebody drop you off with your own car. We will welcome you with a soothing relaxing green tea and go over your personal agenda for the day with you. You will then set off on a gentle stroll and start the "Download phase"! No one will bother you, you have time to take in the beautiful surroundings and organise your thoughts. With your lungs filled with the fresh mountain air you will return to the hotel, where we will serve you a light and healthy lunch served with beverages of your choice. Afterwards we will escort you to our spa area. You will be given a fluffy bathrobe, soft bath slippers and a cosy bath towel. To start with you will swim a few lengths in our large indoor swimming pool (28.5 °C) with a whirlpool corner, and then visit our Finnish sauna. If you like, you can lie down on our tanning bed and let the warmth permeate through your body. Next you can relax on our lawn or in the quiet room and look forward to the next treat: a full-body massage with our masseuse Brigitte! You then decide whether you would like to swim again or whether you’d prefer a few moments to treat yourself to a rest and unwind in the tranquil relax area. Slowly, you prepare yourself to return to 'normal' everyday life. With a soothing Vitalis-tea and a small gift, we say goodbye in the late afternoon - your batteries are recharged and you are ready for new challenges!

The typical symptoms of stress, overwork and burnout are often not recognised or only identified much too late. Those affected usually do not like to admit to themselves that they need a little break.

We hope you have a nice day - just for you!

Price: CHF 170.00 per person, all inclusive