Wine and Dine Events

We will be hosting our popular "Wine  and Dine" evenings once again this summer. Each of our wine suppliers will take it turns to present their wines in our restaurant. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the wines of each producer by the glass. The wine maker or a representative of the wine house will attend the 'Wine and Dine' evenings in person and provide information during dinner (6-course menu) about their winery and all those well-kept secrets on how they make their wine. You will have the opportunity to taste an exclusive wine with each course and to share your questions and comments directly with the producer or specialist.

Don’t miss out on this dining and drinking experience. Book the following dates now:

22.07              Leo Mengis, Cave de la Tour, Visp

26.08.             Roland Hischier, Hischier wines, Brig

14.10.            André Darbellay, Domaines Bonvin, Sion

Aperitif, 6-course menu, wines, mineral water: Fr. 112.00 per person


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